erazo pugliese


27. juli til 10. august, Slottsfjellet, Tønsberg



We are happy to announce that Erazo-Pugliese will present the architecture installation Vessel as the second project selected through our international open call. Vessel is a temporay architecture installation located on the historical site Slottsfjellet, in the center of Tønsberg. It can be visited freely from the 27th July to the 10th august as part of the Færderbiennalen’s programme. This installation, to be built of wood and natural fabric, references vessels that have been built for centuries—vessels that have been the means for human beings to explore and expand beyond the horizon and also transmitted hand crafts knowledge through generations and between peoples.


The asymmetrical “Vessel,” laying on the rocks, invites visitors to experience their proximity to nature and the horizon as perceived from a terrestrial perspective: the partially fixed fabrics on the timber frame structure makes one aware of the sound and intensity of the wind shifts, and framed views reestablish the relation between human made artifacts and the landscape/horizon, while, in moments of peace and calm it is possible to lay down or sit recalling the contemplative and existential feelings that can be experienced in nature.

About the architects:

Sebastian Erazo, architect and maker based in Paris and Stefano Pugliese, architect and academic based in Turkey (Erazo – Pugliese,) have been collaborating since 2017 through educational wood design and construction workshops along with their professional independent practices.Both started their professional practices in a similar way: designing and building furniture as a way not only to be able to explore and express in a small and manageable scale their design intentions but also to learn from building them. This common ground brought them together and pushed them to expand their apprenticeship in furniture design and making towards larger scale, spatial, and, on some occasions, landscape artifacts which explore human interaction with the work.