ACT!/CLAYA/Ask Holmen (NO/DE/FR)

Juli til 10. august

Brøtsøbruddet, Færder

Borrowed Land is a temporary architecture installation placed in the majestic setting of Brøtsøbruddet, a former stone quarry which is being transformed into an art space. The installation will open on 27th July and can be visited until 10th august as part of the festival programme.
About Borrowed Land:
Rammed earth construction techniques shape the core of the project. Through experimentation with different earth compositions and densities, borrowed land aims to reveal the beauty of the material in response to natural forces such as rain, wind and sun.
It embraces the notion of decay and circularity and creates spatial and sensous scenarios to interact with such topics in a deep and meaningful way.
‘Borrowed land’ is an installation that co-exists with its existing environment; a subtle dialogue between constructed elements, the landscape and natural forces. The installation is dynamic and evolves over time in response to the natural elements and human interaction.
Borrowed Land is one of three projects that were selected as part of the festival’s Open Call earlier this year.
Picture from a project by @casanovasorolla (Luis Casanova Sorolla) in collaboration with Claya and @leni.bemolio (Axel Muñoz)